Our teacher, Sherry Jo Anderson, has attended multiple hearing and deaf schools, was once a hard of hearing person, and is now deaf. She is very proficient at lip reading. She is teaching the young, and she remains young at heart.

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At Texas Institute of Sign Language, you will have a hands on approach, literally! We have a funny and wise teacher, who will help you and others to learn a fun and interactive language.

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Resource Links

http://www.aslpro.com/ - a really nice ASL site; includes an extensive video dictionary, vocab quizzes and educator account capability. Excellent for anyone learning sign language, and a great resource for ASL teachers as well.

http://commtechlab.msu.edu/sites/aslweb/browser.htm- another really well-done video dictionary. this one is a bit older and smaller than ASL pro.

http://asl.ms/- a receptive fingerspelling practice! An awesome resource for anyone learning ASL, this site provides an endless word bank of fingerspelled words at various speeds to challenge your skills.

http://www.netsignnews.com/- this website provides anchor-style news videos in sign language! There is also a voice interpretation for non-sign-user access. Updated daily with several news stories every day.

http://www.tcdeaf.com/main.do - a website for the Deaf in the Twin Cities. Includes a calendar of events, DHHS directory, links, and job postings.

http://www.needsoutreach.org - Sign language for the class room:  ASL library App:  If you need support or need to contact us.