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At Texas Institute of Sign Language, you will have a hands on approach, literally! We have a funny and wise teacher, who will help you and others to learn a fun and interactive language.

Frequently asked questions: F.A.Q.

Is it personal?

How Will You Benefit?

  •  Attain or improve communication skills with the deaf and hearing-impaired individuals, employees, clients or business associates.

  • Acquire a better understanding of what American Sign Language (ASL) Means- A look at its history,  structure and community.

  • Develop an understanding of issues when working with the deaf.

  • Gain an appreciation of dealing with a hearing society from the deaf prospective.


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Our teacher, Sherry Jo Anderson, has attended multiple hearing and deaf schools, was once a hard of hearing person, and is now deaf. She is very proficient at lip reading. She is teaching the young, and she remains young at heart.


Texas Institute of Sign Language

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All of our classes are from experienced instructor. You'll also be able to interact with fellow students to further enhance your studies.

Is it expensive?

Like a foreign language, American Sign Language takes practice and attention from you, the student. You will also learn the history of American Sign Language.

Is it fast?

The Instructor

Opened its first office located at 2003 North Mays in Round Rock,Texas in April 1993, then became a home based business at 2503 Harrowden Drive in 1994.